Daphné Cornez


Luc Petit


Angela Amico


Iñigo Alonso

Art director – Owner Impossible factory – Grand les yeux
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Reference: IX South American Games, Colombia / Wold cup, Brazil

« Creative, generous, professionnal, collaborate with Florence Baquiast is a delight to work with and a guarantee of success. »

« Passionnate about her work, and about sharing her expertise, Florence creates miracles with whatever she touches. She can do everything from design to dressmaking, from a few exceptional pieces to several hundred, or even thousand costumes. Her speciality is working with local talent, organising, managing and supervising costume workshops all around the world . »

Daphné Cornez
Art director – Owner Luc Petit Création

Reference : « The enchanted castle » , « Time to celebrate » , « Phi »

« Thank you Florence for taking up these challenges and participating in the great adventure of creating a show. »

« A few words, some inspiration, a mood or a period, this is the briefing we give Florence from which she creates the costumes for our events. During this discussion, she is able not only to understand but also to visualize the Stage Director’s wishes and then design a costume in perfect harmony with the overall concept.
From this point the design work starts with a few sketches, a few strokes of the pen, and the choice of fabrics, textures, colours and reference material. She must not only think about the costume and bring it to life but also adapt it to the artistic performance and the potential technical demands.
This is a complete art form, it does not involve lengthy discussions but quick production, fittings and adjustments. Accessories, shoes, tights, bags, gloves, headdresses and hats of all kinds, are all part of the costume. And in that area, Florence has a keen eye for detail and nothing escapes her attention in order to form a coherent whole.
Some memorable anecdotes:
For a dance performance on the ceiling in the Hanging Gardens of Munich for the Amway China Show, Florence had to design a dress that would stand upright and upside down, and even a dress that could withstand pressure of 200 km / h to let Wendy fly in the Peter Pan show. Nothing is easy! We are surprised each time by such analytical work, creation and production which requires close collaboration with the designer and director from the first sketches to the actual moment when the artist is on stage. »

Luc Petit
Performer – Singer

Reference: « Mémoire de Cabarets »

« Thank you Florence. I was very happy to have put on this show with you; your collaboration was valuable to me because you put your experience with large projects to serve artists like me ».

«Florence became involved in my" A Cabaret Memoire "project with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as if she were developing a project on an international scale. I staged a show dedicated to Italian song and I wanted to wear Venetian-inspired costumes for the finale. I met Florence with whom I discussed the project. She immediately inspired me with confidence. Florence not only asked me questions about style but also about stage directions, especially the moves that I would do with my dancers. She made several suggestions as she already knew what would work best with the materials to be used and the work needed to adapt the costumes should I one day change my dancers. My budget was tight and she took this into account when sourcing materials. Florence adapted the amount of materials to stay within my budget. We had 2 fittings after taking our measurements. The performers came separately for the first fitting and second one was done on stage so as to have an overall vision of them and to see if we could dance and move easily in them. . »

Angela Amico
Executive producer

Reference: IX South American Games, Colombia

« Florence is very professional in her work, she never gives up and always finds a solution in order to achieve her goal, I can certainly say that she inspires confidence. »

« I met Florence when preparing for the South American Games. I was in charge of all the management of the project. We started in Belgium before heading to Medellin less than 4 months before the opening ceremony which was scheduled for March. After designing the costumes and receiving confirmation from the DA, Florence not only gave me an estimated budget for producing 2000 costumes but also a production schedule taking into account the lead times and on site skills. It was in Medellin that I fully realised what she would expect, when I accompanied her to select a workshop. She asked strategic questions and she looked at the sewing machine tables and the clothing that had already been manufactured so as to form her opinion. I noticed her professional eye, and how she knew exactly what she needed. We only had 8 days to set up the production line which was to start a month later, three months before the show date. I really appreciated her responsiveness and sense of efficiency.
She feels things and reacts to them immediately and with certainty. Like the time where, together, we had to develop a plan B to deal with delivery and manufacturing problems. Florence immediately redesigned some costumes that were feasible to make within the deadline with the materials already in stock and found other couturiers capable of making them quickly! "»

Iñigo Alonso